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If you are interested in sponsoring by providing specific items the following is a list of items that we need.

Wideband Air/Fuel ratio Meters (need 2)  $225 each

Spark Plugs   (need 3 or more sets)  $24 per set


4 Front Runner Drag Tires (most common tire for Bonneville) $360 for 2 front and $530 for 2 rear

Wheels for above tires  $425 for set of 4

Data Logger  $1100

Knock Sensor $245


Driver's Fire Suit  (For Bonneville SFI 3.2A/20 suits are required)  $980

Driver's Gloves  (For Bonneville SFI 3.3/15 gloves are required)

Boots (For Bonneville SFI 3.3/15 boots are required) $389

Hans Safety Device $889

We also need a 17' or 18' aluminum dual axle trailer.  $6500

There are a large number of other items too numerous to list that we need so this is not an all inclusive list but covers the biggest items that are left.


Those that contribute will be listed as sponsors per the description on the home page.  You can see how we have listed sponsors on the second page of photo's.