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This is the Home page for the David Michael Livesay Jr. Scholarship and Memorial Foundation

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  David Michael Livesay Jr
                          November 12, 1974 - January 04, 1990


Our Mission

We are dedicated to raising funds for the David Michael Livesay Jr. Memorial Scholarship Fund and to increasing organ donation awareness.


David Jr. was a caring young man, who had many dreams and goals. At the age of 10 he decided that he wanted to go to the Air Force Academy, be an architectural engineer, compete in the 92’ Olympics in swimming and be an organ donor in the event of his death.  Because of his unselfish love for others, we fulfilled his wish and 8 adults who were parents had another chance at life. David Jr. donated his heart, liver, kidney’s, cornea and ­­­middle ear.


Various scholarships are being established in David Jr’s memory.  The first scholarship fund was established at Bellarmine College Preparatory in San Jose, CA in 1990. David Jr was a freshman when he died and would have been in the Class of 93’. Bellarmine is a private high school that has a large number of students who are on various scholarships. The scholarship Fund is called the David Michael Livesay Jr Memorial Endowment Fund. 


The second Scholarship Fund is the David Michael Livesay Jr. Memorial Scholarship Fund.  This fund serves two purposes.  First we use it to fund scholarships in Davids name and secondly to increasing organ donation awareness.





Latest News Spring 2008

We are working on building a race car to run at the Bonneville Salt Flats and at El Mirage. El mirage is a dry lake near Edwards Air Force base. We were working towards having it done for the 58th Annual Speed Week in August.  Unfortunately we ran out of time and didn't get it completed. We plan to run it in October at Bonneville or in November at El Mirage.  The car is being run in memory of our son David Michael Livesay Jr. who died 18 years ago at the age of 15. Our dream is that the race car will help launch the Memorial Classic Car Show to be  held in 2009. David Jr. had a keen interest in automobiles and was planning to help his father restore a 1963 Studebaker Hawk.  He also shared his fathers love of Studebakers.


The car is a 1964 Studebaker Avanti named “Avanti for David Jr.” and the car’s number is 1112, after David Jr.’s birthday November 12.  The Avanti will run in Classic Production Supercharged  class.  This  class is for  automobiles produced  between  1928 and 1981.  All body  work must be 100% stock (original, unmodified) except for the addition of a hood scoop. If you would like more details on the car engine size, type of block etc. contact us and we will email you the information.


We will be going for a world record in E classic productions supercharged. There is no record in this class. We hope to set a record at about 175 mph this first year and hopefully  200+ mph next year.  Rosa Maria will hopefully set a world record as the first woman driving in that class.


In conjunction with the Car Show we are working on writing his story.  We have been asked for the past 16 years to share his story with the world.  Now the work is in progress and should be launched in  2008.


Avanti for David Jr

Car Show:


We would like to ask for your help in planning for the David Michael Livesay Jr. Memorial Classic Car Show in now tentavely scheduled for the Spring / Summer of 2007. It will be held to raise funds for the scholarship fund at Bellermine and to also promote organ donation awareness. We  have been volunteers for CTDN - California Transplant Donor Network since 1990.


We are in need of getting a commitment from persons who have a classic, hot rod, race car or any unique car or cars or motorcycles they would like to show. This is important for the location and to help insure we have enough room for the cars.


If you don’t have a car or motorcycle but know some one who might be interested in showing their vehicle, please give them the enclosed form or contact us and we will send them the form.  Please note that we need one form per car for those with multiple cars.  Please select car show form page to download the form.




At this time we are looking for sponsors for the race car for Bonneville.  All sponsors either individuals or companies who donate $250 or more will have their name listed on the car.  All sponsors either individuals or companies who donate $1000+ in cash or equipment will have their name placed on the car in at least 3 inch high letters using your company logo and letter style per your requirements.  All major sponsors either individuals or companies who donate $5000+ will have their name placed on the car in at least 5 inch high letters using your company logo and letter style per your requirements.


Our message:

We are hope you enjoyed reading the information regarding the Race Car for the Bonneville Land Speed Race and the David Michael Livesay Jr. Memorial Classic Car Show. Both events are being done in memory of our son David Jr.


We thought you would like to hear about our new endeavor and ask for your prayers. We especially ask for your prayers for the writing and publishing of David Jr’s story. Since David Jr.’s death we have been wanting to do something to raise funds for his scholarship fund. Little did we know in 1990 that we would be taking on such an undertaking.  Not only will more boys be able to benefit from attending Bellarmine, but it will bring about a greater awareness of organ donation. God has blessed us so much and we know that He will also bless others, through David Jr.’s dreams, goals and love of God.


David has been busy working on building the engine, the roll cage, drive system for the blower, etc. While Rosa Maria is busy working on getting sponsors, promoting the events, finding people to show their vehicles, press releases, etc and writing David Jr’s story.


In order to keep our costs down we email  or fax information with the exception of those who do not have email or fax’s. If you have any questions, please feel free to give us a call, fax or email us.


Take care & God bless.

Our love & prayers from two very proud parents!


David Livesay & Rosa Maria Livesay




David Jr’s Quilt Piece: http://www.kidney.org/transplantation/donorFamilies/quiltPatchDisplay.cfm?square=al0905  

(Please note that the Olympic year on the quilt is incorrect.  It should read 1992, but Rosa Maria was quite ill when she sewed the square.  This is the reason it is incorrect).


David Jr’s Poem written by an annonymous writer.  We only know that he lives within a couple of blocks from us and he to lost a child. http://www.transweb.org/people/donors/memorials/memorial/donors/livesay_david.html


Bonneville & El Mirage:



Donate Life:


If you are interested in sponsoring these events contact us at:


Mailing Address:

P.O. Box 32448
San Jose CA 95152

Phone: 408-923-2301
FAX 408-923-5439